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Laura & John's wedding held at Kings Head Hotel, Richmond, North Yorkshire

This is what the couple had to say about their special day with us..
Ken and Chris are both wonderful photographers,
They did a magnificent job capturing our wedding on camera :)
We didn’t even have to think about any of it they caught everything we hoped for.
The only tough part was looking through the photos to choose the ones for the album but we managed it in the end and the album is lovely.
We 100% recommend this world photography if you want a stress free day where they handle all the pictures :)
Laura & John 001Laura & John 003Laura & John 029Laura & John 034Laura & John 043Laura & John 048Laura & John 049Laura & John 065Laura & John 067Laura & John 071Laura & John 076Laura & John 081Laura & John 084Laura & John 085Laura & John 147Laura & John 150Laura & John 157Laura & John 167Laura & John 183Laura & John 186