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Leanne & Wes married at South Causey Inn, Stanley surrounded by family & friends

Here's what they had to say about our photography.....

"Just finished looking through the photo's....We've laughed and cried!

They are amazing!

You've both captured every moment and every emotion.

We can't thank you both enough.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Leanne & Wes 001Leanne & Wes 002Leanne & Wes 003Leanne & Wes 005Leanne & Wes 008Leanne & Wes 016Leanne & Wes 018Leanne & Wes 027Leanne & Wes 030Leanne & Wes 038Leanne & Wes 040Leanne & Wes 069Leanne & Wes 075Leanne & Wes 077Leanne & Wes 079Leanne & Wes 084Leanne & Wes 097Leanne & Wes 110Leanne & Wes 149Leanne & Wes 150