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Jack and Laura's Wedding photography Judges Hotel Yarm.

Here's what the couple said about our services.....

Christine and Ken were (and continue to be) fantastic wedding photographers.
They were very patient and knowledgeable and we are so glad we chose them as the photos we now have are perfect.
As well as being extremely talented photographers, the service we have received has been outstanding.
They ensured they found out exactly what type of photos we wanted on the day and advised us on what works best in the areas we weren't sure about. Its also a huge bonus that they are both absolutely lovely people!
We have really enjoyed dealing with Christine and Ken and we are really happy that they were a part of our day.
It's clear that they have a passion for photography and they have worked so hard to make sure we got the best photos we could have and we are very grateful to both of them.

Jack and Laura Lindsay
Judges Hotel, Yarm.