Huge Investment In Latest Hi Tech Cameras

October 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

1DX Mk 3 ImageCanon 1DX MK 3 Flagship Cameras


2020 has been a particualrly difficult year for all photographers and, like all event service providers wedding photographers have suffered almost a total collapse of income and bookings. We, like our competitiors have seen almost all of our 2020 bookings transfer to new dates and happily we have been able to make the date change (sometimes twice) for almost all of our clients. This means a very busy 2021 for us and we intend to come back with the best quality and service available in the north east area.

Despite the loss of income we remain dedicated to providing the best quality service to everyone who has put their faith in our services and have now invested in TWO state of the art "flagship" Canon 1DXmk3 cameras which have the latest technology to enable us to take sharper clearer photographs in many locations unthinkable with other cameras.

We can now take photographs in very low light conditions such as churches and other low light buildings where flash photography is forbidden in complete silence.

There is simply no better professional grade cameras available. That is why many pro sports and newspaper photographers make this the camera of first choice.

At a cost of £6500.00 each it is a huge investment made simply to give our clients the very best quality available today.

Our new clients can book safe in the knowledge that once booked, they can forget about their photography and just wait for superb high quality images of their big day to arrive.



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